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Market Prospects and Main Uses of Welding Positioner

Welding equipment supplier to share with you: the quality of the welding positioner is excellent, the market prospect is broad, the welding positioner is used to drag the workpiece to be welded, so that the welding seam to be welded to the ideal position to stop welding Equipment for the job. Generally speaking, manufacturers of welding manipulators, roller frames, welding scraps, and other welding equipment; welding robot manufacturers mostly choose welding positioners for robots.

China's welding equipment is an old product. Due to the differences in the degree of development between manufacturing industries, many companies' welding stations have not been equipped with welding positioners; at the same time, the related research is relatively thin. To date, no special work has been devoted to its definition and classification. Its title cannot be standardized. The same device, different enterprises and different people can have different titles. Such as: tire change, turntable, flip frame, positioner, positioner, etc. Needs give it a definition. It has changed the welding operation that can not guarantee the welding quality, such as vertical welding and overhead welding. Thus, the welding quality is guaranteed, and the welding consumption rate and the safety of the consumption process are improved.

Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment

Main use: Welding positioner is a universal and efficient welding equipment mainly used to complete circular seam welding. It can be equipped with argon arc welding machine (filled or unfilled), welding electrode gas maintenance welding machine, plasma welding machine and other welding machine power supply and can be combined with other machines for automatic welding. The product is mainly composed of a rotary head, a displacement mechanism and a controller. Rotary head speed is adjustable, with independent speed control circuit, Dip switch preset welding length indirectly. The tilt angle can be adjusted according to demand. The welding gun can be lifted pneumatically.

Welding displacement machinery is a variety of mechanical installations that change the status of weldments, welders or welders to complete mechanized and automated welding.

Welding displacement machinery can be divided into three categories:

1) Welding mechanism: Including welding positioner, welding roller frame, welding turntable and welding turning machine.

2) Welding machine displacement machinery: including welding operation machine and electroslag welding stand.

3) Welder's displacement machinery: including welder lifts.

Design of welding positioner:

Usually, the design of the welding positioner needs to choose the mechanical transmission mode from the motor to the worktable and the corresponding transmission mechanism. The stability and accuracy requirements of the transmission are used to modify the requirements of the welding positioner and high precision. Then you can choose Worm drive and gear drive.

For general lifting or reversing driving and overturning driving, the driving mechanism must have the ability of self-locking to ensure safety and security. There can be multiple transmission methods and their corresponding mechanisms. At this time, it is worth choosing from the comprehensive consideration of the transmission power, compact size, high and low transmission efficiency, and manufacturing cost between them.

Functional requirements of the welding positioner: refers to the actions that the machine can complete, such as translation, lifting or rotation. If it is a translation, is it a linear translation or a curve translation; if it is a rotational motion, is it continuous or intermittent, and so on.

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