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Do You Really Know Welding Positioner?

Do You Really Know Welding Positioner?

The welding positioner is mainly used to correct the position of the weldment to achieve the required welding accuracy.

Welding positioner is an indispensable welding machine in the manufacturing industry, mainly in the machinery industry, with a wide range of applications.

The welding positioner mainly realizes the welding equipment of girth welding. It can form an automatic welding system with some welding power sources such as argon arc welding machine, MIG welding machine, plasma welding machine, and other machines.

The welding positioner is mainly composed of a rotor, a positioner, and a controller. The inclination angle can be adjusted automatically according to the welding parts, and the welding gun can also be moved up and down pneumatically.

Precautions for choosing welding positioner

First of all, choose the open type and easy to operate. When designing the tooling, it is necessary to consider the simple and convenient clamping of the workpiece. The welding positioner is compact and has a small area. The operating height of the workers is as low as possible, which is safe and reliable.

Secondly, select the appropriate welding positioner according to the structural characteristics of the welding structure. For example, the loader frame and the roller frame can adopt the double-column single-rotation method, the front frame of the loader can choose the l-type double-rotation, and the loader bucket welding positioner can be designed as a C-type double-rotation, booms, etc. can all adopt double-seat double-rotating head and tail type. For some small assembly, welding parts can be selected the market has been serialized production base universal positioner.

Third, perform manual welding operations according to actual conditions, to avoid vertical welding and overhead welding, and ensure welding quality. The selected welding positioner function is welding seam welding of any component or boat to the horizontal position welding.

Fourth, the large-scale welding structure positioner of construction machinery performs welding operations at a very high altitude, and workers can perform welding by means of boosters. The choice of welding ladder directly affects the use of the welding positioner depending on the height to the availability of small stationary climb ladders, and a three-dimensional or two-dimensional mechanical and electronic controlled automatic welding mobile elevator.

The welding positioner is mainly used for welding operations and can achieve good welding results, so it has a wide range of applications. What should I consider when buying a welding positioner?

Factors to purchase a welding positioner

1. To clear the manual welding operation, the welding positioner can move any welding seam to the flat welding or ship welding position, so as to avoid the welding phenomenon of vertical upward welding. Then ensure the welding quality.

2. For the structural characteristics of the welding structure, the right one can be selected and matched.

3. For the welding positioner, the structure should be compact, open, and easy to operate. Ensure safety and reliability.

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Welding Positioner

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