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Daily Maintenance of Welding Equipment

Maintenance of the welding torch:

1. Check and replace the conducting nozzle regularly

2. Clean and replace the spring hose regularly

3. Inspection of insulating ferrules

Maintenance of wire feeder:

1. Pressure adjustment

2. Adjustment of wire straightening device

3. Installation of welding wire disc

4. Wire feed wheel and wire diameter used

5. Abrasion and dirt in the groove of the wire feeding roller

6. Inspection of wire guide nozzle

Maintenance of welding machine:

First of all, it is important to note that when checking the internal or external joint terminals of the welder, it is necessary to turn off the power switch before it can be applied.

1. Test regularly.

2. Since the welder is forced air-cooled, it is easy to inhale dust from the surroundings and accumulate in the machine.

3. Check the wiring parts of the power wiring regularly.

4. In the annual maintenance and inspection, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive repair work such as replacement of defective parts, repair of outer casings, and reinforcement of insulation deterioration parts.

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