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Technical characteristics of rotating type welding positioner

We will talk about Rotating Type Welding Positioner. The welding station automatically circulates and delivers, the operator always loads and unloads the parts at a fixed position, effectively reduces the labor and logistics intensity of the operator, the whole set of equipment welding products have strong compatibility, and the automatic welding has strong expansibility; high overall configuration, avoiding the interference of fixture, effectively ensuring high quality welding.

It is suitable for the welding of small and medium-sized hardware parts with welds distributed in multiple faces, and the workpiece can be turned over automatically with plus or minus 360 degrees. No matter it is a straight line, curve or arc weld, it can ensure the welding posture and accessibility of the welding gun; full precision servo and RV Reducer control, high repetition accuracy, fast rotation speed, long service life .

The workpiece has a fast turnover speed, which can effectively improve the welding efficiency, realize symmetrical and cross welding more flexibly, and reduce the deformation after welding heating .

Standard fixture transition plate mounting frame is reserved for the deflection frame .

Standard interface is reserved for quick combination of manual clamp, pneumatic clamp and electronic pneumatic clamp .

Special oil injection hole and oil outlet hole are reserved for the positioner, which is very convenient for the later stage;

See the introduction of Weisheng standard unit for main standard units.

HBJ-S Pipe Welding Positioner

The picture above is our HBJ-S Pipe Welding Positioner, welcome contact to us for more informaiton.

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