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Attentions When Using Welding Rotator

How much do you know about the use of welding rotators? We should pay attention to the maintenance of the product when using the equipment, so what should I pay attention to? Then follow me to learn more about it.

Only by mastering the correct use method of the welding rotator frame and doing a good job in the maintenance of the equipment, can we give full play to the characteristics of the product. We will continue to organize more content for you, so please pay attention.

This article will discuss the following welding rotators:

1) How to maintain the welding rotator?

2) Regular inspection and maintenance

3) Conclusion

1) How to maintain the welding rotator?

After use, proper maintenance is required, which can not only prolong its service life but also ensure the smooth implementation of subsequent work. First, check whether the external environment of the welding machine frame meets the requirements, and confirm that there is no interference from debris; then let it idle when it is powered on. Normal equipment should be free of abnormal noise, vibration, and smell.

When the workpiece needs to be placed on the welding rotating frame, the diameter and weight of the workpiece should meet the design requirements, otherwise, it is easy to cause safety accidents, and also adjust the distance between the main and secondary wheels according to the length of the equipment to reduce unnecessary problems.

Welding rotator

Welding rotator

2) Regular inspection and maintenance

Since the welding rotator is a kind of auxiliary welding equipment, it is often used for the main welding driven by inner and outer ring joints, longitudinal joints, and flexible workpieces. Take a look at the daily maintenance of the welding rotator!

The welding rotator should be clear of obstacles on the welding roller frame before use, and should not be exposed to fire or oil.

For rolling bearings, it is best to add lubricating oil to the bearing, and sodium-based grease can be used.

When using it for the first time, remove the gear from the shield and apply a proper amount of grease to the gear. For the cycloidal pinwheel reducer, an appropriate amount of grease should be added before use, and the remaining oil should be cleaned up when replacing it. To ensure that the equipment can work better, please lubricate the transmission components regularly.

3) Conclusion

Generally speaking, welding rotator welding works in basements, tunnels, metal containers, and relatively sealed places, strict safety measures must be taken.

Before the operation, you must carefully identify whether outdoor buildings or other structures affect indoor thermal welding and cutting, whether there are flammable and explosive substances indoors, and if necessary, sample and analyze indoor gas, and then enter the room after confirming that the operation is safe. And maintain good air circulation.

When using a welding rotator for welding operations, keep the welding and cutting parts dry, and strictly check whether the insulation protection equipment meets the safety requirements.

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