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Advantages of Using Spin Welding Positioner

The use of spin welding positioners in production facilities has the potential to completely change the company's output, productivity, and financial situation. These auto welding positioners greatly reduce the effort required by workers to access components or weldments that need to be welded. The spin welding positioner makes welding easier and faster for employees, thereby increasing the company's productivity and profits (the same as existing workers).

What is a spin welding positioner?

The spin welding positioner is a welding positioner of the rotation welding positioner so that the welder can easily approach the area that must be welded. They are designed to enable workers to stand in one position and be able to work continuously on level ground, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity while adding comfort to workers. The spin welding positioner grips a component (such as a pipe joint) and can then be moved to allow the welder to continuously weld the joint without breaking in the weld. They are designed to improve welding quality and make welding safer and faster.

Spin welding positioner increases output

One of the biggest motivations for the company to use spin welding positioners is the increase in production they bring. They enable employees to work smarter rather than work harder, and provide better ergonomics, which makes it easier for experienced workers to perform welding and easier for inexperienced workers to learn. When the position to be welded on the component can be placed in a convenient and easy-to-reach location, workers will be able to weld faster, and each welding work will not waste a lot of energy. This can greatly improve the work efficiency of workers, while reducing the workload, enabling them to complete more work in a day, and reducing the possibility of older, skilled workers leaving. If the welding site is brought to the worker instead of getting the worker to the welding site, the manual labor of the job will be greatly reduced.

The rotating type welding positioner greatly shortens the positioning time and makes the positioning time easier. With the old positioning method, positioning the assembly in the correct location can sometimes take several hours and involves the use of multiple workers at once. This is quite expensive for the company because the group of workers cannot produce anything by themselves, because they spend hours just to reach a certain welding area. Spin welding positioners usually require only one worker to complete the same job in a few minutes. This saves working time, increases productivity and output, and frees up other workers to perform other production tasks.

When the spin welding positioner is combined with an automatic welding machine, especially in simple assembly, the output can also be improved. Robot-integrated welders increase productivity by working faster and reducing downtime, and they are consistent. Although humans can weld 12 to 14 inches per minute (IPM), robots can usually weld at least 20 IPM. Obviously, unlike employees, automated machines do not require breaks or off-duty hours, and require proper maintenance to minimize downtime. Robots are inherently consistent because they can be programmed to weld in specific ways for specific products. Automation in this application has the potential to further increase production with consistently high quality.

Rotating Type Welding Positioner

Rotating Type Welding Positioner

Spin welding positioner improves safety

China welding positioner can greatly improve the safety of workers in the production workshop, especially when placing large objects for welding. Past assembly and part positioning practices can be very dangerous, involving the use of forklifts, cranes, and chains. The machine is not specifically used for the task of rotating weldment components, and sometimes it can cause damage to the machine or cause the weldment to fall. If the machine is damaged, it may not only cause the downtime of the welding project but also cause the downtime of other areas of the facility that need the equipment to operate. On the other hand, spin welding positioners are special tools specially designed for repositioning weldments. If used correctly, they will not fail.

Another advantage of using a spin welding positioner is that you can reach high welding points on large components without using scaffolds, ladders, or elevators, without touching the floor. There is no need for workers to climb high places, the risk of accidents is reduced, and worker fatigue is reduced, which will make workers healthier in the long run. In addition, many companies report that when using spin welding positioners, OSHA reportable accidents are reduced on average because employees are placed in fewer hazardous locations to reach the welding point. Another danger when using older positioning methods is that many experienced employees know the best method for positioning assemblies, and this knowledge is not always passed on when they retire or leave the company. This leads to inexperienced employees performing dangerous tasks.

Spin welding position improves the quality

When using the spin welding positioner, the welding quality will be improved because the welding position can always be moved to the ideal position, so as to achieve the best and easiest work. Better ergonomics can bring better quality and repeatability, and workers can adjust the angle and height of the welding position. Workers will no longer need to reach out to weld or reduce visibility while working. Better weld visibility also makes it easier for workers to see if any welds are missing.

For any facility that welds a large number of products (especially large size products), the spin welding positioner is beyond doubt. Improved safety, reduced processing time, improved quality, and reduced worker fatigue are all beneficial to the company and will help companies produce more products using the same resources.

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