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Principle of Selection of Positioner

The selection principle of welding positioner from Light Positioner Supplier has the following three points: one is the principle of application of the workpiece, the other is the principle of convenient welding, and the third is the principle of easy operation.

(1) Principles of workpiece application

The structural shapes of different structural parts of engineering machinery vary greatly, and the requirements for displacement during welding are also different. Therefore, the applicable welding positioner such as Light Welding Postioner should be selected according to the structural characteristics and welding requirements of the welded structural parts.

(2) Convenient welding principle

According to the condition of manual welding, the selected welding positioner should be able to transfer any weld of the workpiece to be welded to the flat welding or ship welding position to avoid vertical welding and overhead welding to ensure the welding quality.

(3) Easy to operate principle

Should choose safe and reliable, open, low operating height, compact welding positioner, in order to facilitate the operation of the workers and the welding positioner. If the welding structure positioner has a high welding operation height, the worker can weld by means of a heightening method, or can be adjusted by a hydraulic lifting platform.

Light Welding Postioner

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