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Welding operator, an indispensable equipment manufacturing

The role of welding operator is to precisely to the welding head and remain in position to be welded, or to track the selected welding speed along the welding head movement rules.

As computer technology continues to develop intelligent automatic control and information technology is widely used in manufacturing, welding positioner also toward intelligent, multi-functional, large-scale, integrated, high-precision, high reliability direction development of. NC positioner has become the latest hot products, CNC products in our development late, but with the rapid economic development, more companies recognize the advantages of NC products for enterprises to bring more profits.

welding operator

In the rapidly developing China, welding positioner has quietly become an indispensable equipment manufacturing industry in the field of welding his designated as welding auxiliary. Over the past decade, the product in China's construction machinery industry has made significant development, and access to a wide range of applications. Use welding positioner welding machine can shorten the auxiliary time, improve labor productivity, reduce labor intensity, to ensure and improve the welding quality, and give full play to the effectiveness of various welding methods.

Positioner is dedicated to helping the welding facilities, suitable for use in the office turned welding displacement, in order to achieve the ideal processing position and welding speed. With operating machines, welding machine composed of a causative, composed of semi-automatic welding core can also be used for the displacement of the workpiece during manual operation. Taiwan office turned consider appropriate use of variable speed drive, speed and high precision. Sensing box can successfully achieve long-range operations on the office desk, also with operating the machine, welder curb convergence system, the successful implementation of joint operations.

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