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What is the difference between gantry milling and beam face milling?

Gantry milling machine is made by the columns and roof beams constituting the door frame. Beams along the two column guide for the lifting movement. 1 to 2 milling with vertical spindle, along the beam rails for lateral movement of the beam. Also were installed with a horizontal spindle milling on two columns, which can make lifting movement along the column guide. The milling head can be processed simultaneously several surface. Each Head has a separate electric motor (maximum power up to 150 kW), transmission mechanism, steering mechanism and spindle assembly (see spindle) and the like. When machining the workpiece mounted on the table and followed longitudinally feed movement (see machine). Large gantry milling machine (table 6 × 22 m) of the total weight of 850 tons. Having a door frame and horizontal long bed milling machines. High precision milling machine and the production rate for the batch processing of large workpieces and the mass production of the plane and the inclined plane. CNC milling machine can be processed, and some special type of space curved parts.

Beam face milling machine spindle taper using standard Morse, longitudinal feed of high quality linear ball guide, a total of high precision, easy operation, wear, etc., power head paired bearings, low noise, high precision, long life, speed high. Face milling machine has two power head with a ball screw feed adjustment, automatic table feed, feed mode can be selected depending on the cutting tool, the use of power head form, good stability, high rigidity, thereby improving the cutting ability.

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