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Structure of welding positioner(2)

Here I tend to show you the remaining two.

1. Pedestal welding positioner

Pedestal table welding positioner has an integral flip freedom. The work can be flipped over to the welding place. Further rotation of the table there is a degree of freedom. This kind of variable-bit machine has been serialized production, mainly used for welding a number of tube, tray.

2. Two-seater type welding positioner

Two-seater type welding positioner is a flip and swivel functions in a mechanical deformation. Flip and rotation, respectively, by a two-axis drive, clamp the workpiece table in addition to the rotation around its own axis, but also around the other axis is inclined to do, or flipped, it can be on the weldment seam is adjusted to various positions horizontal or "ship" easy welding position welding for frame type, box type, disk type and other non-welded long workpieces.

welding positioner

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