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Welding positioner increases efficiency

Often asked the difference between welding positioner and girth positioner is actually very simple, girth positioner belonging, it is only a welding positioner. Welding positioner, which we can simply to understand it, it is to change the welding position, you can make vertical welding, overhead welding, etc. They are all converted into welding, effectively reduce the difficulty of welding and efficiently complete welding tasks.

welding positioner

100 positioner positioner plus a large table by table flip and rotate the weld in the best position welding, rotary table with variable speed, according to the desired rotational speed welding, greatly improve weld quality, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. Our welding and cutting equipment products to more varieties, complete, series known for supporting strong, sets can be purchased, but also single purchase, according to user requirements for your special design and manufacturing.

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