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How Much Do You Know How to Clean the Welding TurnTable?

In the application process, the welding Auto Welding Positioner is easy to stick to dirt, especially its roller, which needs to be cleaned by a special Welding TurnTable cleaning machine. At the same time, the bracket wheels and other disassembly parts on the welding Welding Rotary Machine should be removed before cleaning.

Then put the disassembled parts in the container, add professional cleaning agent and water in proportion to 1:5, and carry out simple cleaning, pay attention to not too long. Then wipe the entire roller frame with a clean rag and a 1:5 blending cleaner to remove surface stains.

After all the parts on the welding roller frame have been cleaned, wipe them off with a dry rag, then pour the original curing agent to wipe the surface of the roller frame; then install all the removed parts to keep them intact.

The relevant content of the welding roller frame is briefly explained here. If you want to know more exciting information, please feel free to check our website update, we will continue to organize more information for you.

Welding Turn Table

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