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Welding Robot And Its Application In My Country

Welding Robot And Its Application In My Country

The reason why welding robots can account for more than 40% of the total industrial robots is related to the special industry of welding. As an industrial “tailor”, welding is a very important processing method in industrial production. At the same time, due to welding fumes, arcs, and metal spatter The existence of, the welding working environment is very bad, and the quality of welding has a decisive influence on product quality. In summary, the use of welding robots has the following main meanings:

(1) Stabilize and improve welding quality and ensure its uniformity. Welding parameters such as welding current, voltage, welding speed and welding dry elongation play a decisive role in the welding result. When robot welding is used, the welding parameters of each weld are constant, and the quality of the weld is less affected by human factors, which reduces the requirements for workers' operation skills, so the welding quality is stable. In manual welding, the welding speed, dry elongation, etc. are changed, so it is difficult to achieve quality uniformity.

(2) Improve the working conditions of workers. Robot welding workers are only used to load and unload workpieces, away from welding arcs, smoke and splashes. For spot welding, workers no longer carry heavy manual welding tongs, freeing workers from heavy manual labor.

(3) Improve labor productivity. The robot is not fatigued and can be produced continuously 24 hours a day. In addition, with the application of high-speed and high-efficiency welding technology, the use of robot welding has improved efficiency more significantly.

(4) The product cycle is clear and it is easy to control the product output. The production cycle of the robot is fixed, so the production plan is very clear.

(5)The cycle of product modification and replacement can be shortened, and the corresponding equipment investment can be reduced. The welding automation of small-batch products can be realized. The biggest difference between a robot and a special machine is that it can modify the program to adapt to the production of different workpieces.

At present, although a series of welding manipulator with independent intellectual property rights are already in our country, they cannot be mass-produced and scaled up. There are several main reasons:

There is no advantage in domestic robot prices. In the past 10 years, the price of imported robots has dropped drastically, from 70-80,000 US dollars to 20,000-30,000 US dollars, making it difficult for ordinary industrial robots manufactured in my country to compete with them in price. Especially in the early stage of robot development, my country did not develop the corresponding parts industry simultaneously, which made it difficult to reduce the price. Therefore, the cost of robot production could not be reduced. There is still a big gap between the level of welding equipment in my country and foreign countries, which indirectly affects the country. The development of robots. For the largest user of robots, automobile manufacturers, almost all equipment is imported from abroad, and domestic robots can hardly find a stage for the performance.

There is still a certain gap between domestic robots and foreign companies in terms of control level and reliability. Foreign industrial robots are very mature industrial products, which have experienced more than 30 years of development and have been continuously improved and improved in actual production, while my country is in a state of single-piece and small-batch production.

Domestic robot manufacturers are in their infancy and need support from government policies and funds. The welding robot is a high-tech product of mechatronics. It is not enough to rely solely on the company's own capabilities. The government needs to provide certain policy and financial support to robot manufacturers and companies that use domestic robot systems to accelerate the development of domestic robots in China.

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