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How Should the Welding Manipulator Be Maintained During the Work?

Welding manipulator is a highly automated welding equipment. Replacing manual welding with robots is the development trend of the welding manufacturing industry, and is an important means to improve welding quality, reduce costs, and improve the working environment. As an important symbol of the development of modern manufacturing technology, robot welding has been accepted by many domestic factories. More and more companies choose welding manipulators as technical transformation programs.

Welding manipulator China is very convenient in the application, but there are also certain safety risks. In order to ensure foolproof, we not only need to adopt safety precautions for welding robots, but also adopt responsive safety precautions during maintenance and self-examination of robots, so as to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, and reduce unnecessary ones. Damage and loss.

How to realize the safety precautions for welding robots? First of all, please ensure the cleanliness of its work area and equipment. If there is oil, water, objects, workpieces, etc. on the ground, it will bring potential safety hazards to the operators, thereby stimulating serious accidents.

Secondly, each time the object is applied, it must be returned to its original position outside the scale of the welding robot to prevent the welding robot from colliding with the object forgotten on the fixture, resulting in accidental damage to the fixture or robot. After all other operations are realized, don't forget to sweep the robots and fixtures to ensure their cleanliness.

Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulator

And in the process of covering and introspecting the welding robot, what safety precautions should be adopted? Quite simply, as a worker of a welding robot, it is necessary to wear specific work clothes, safety shoes, and a hard hat before the operation in order to play a sufficient cover.

Secondly, the personnel responsible for system integration of welding robots, system safety equipment planning, and production personnel must know how to control safety fences and safety equipment, and it is necessary to read through the manual to understand the precise manipulations and steps that should be taken when presenting a pressing environment.

The other is to strictly abide by the safety regulations to prevent the occurrence of unexpected accidents or damage. The personnel responsible for the shielding and reflection of the welding robot must reflect on and confirm all circuits related to the urgent end, and make them safe and accurate in accordance with the corresponding safety standards. Interlock. When performing shielding or introspection operations, make sure that the tight end switch can be pressed at any time, so as to immediately end the welding robot's work when necessary.

In the detailed production operation, the operation should be carried out in strict accordance with safety regulations, and must not be lazy and safe for the sake of effort, so as to avoid serious accidents and personnel damage.

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