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Types And Selection Principles Of Common Welding Positioner

1. Types of common welding transformer

The common basic forms of manual welding position-shifting machine include extension arm type, tilting back type and double column single rotary type. Light positioner manufacturer to share with you:

(1) Double-column single-rotation type The main feature of this welding positioner is that the motor-driven working device at one end of the column runs in one direction of rotation, and the other end follows the driving end. The uprights on both sides can be designed to lift, to meet the welding needs of different specifications of product structure. The disadvantage of this type of welding positioner is that it can only be rotated in one circumferential direction. When selecting this, pay attention to whether the welding seam is suitable.

(2) Double-seat head-to-tail and double-swivel double-seat head-to-tail and double-swivel welding positioner is a moving space for the structure to be welded. On the basis of the double-pillar single-rotation welding positioner, an additional degree of freedom of rotation . This type of welding positioner is more advanced, with large welding space, and can rotate the workpiece to the required position. It has been successfully applied in many construction machinery manufacturers.

(3) L-shaped double-turn type,The working device of this type of L-type positioner is L-shaped, with two degrees of freedom of rotation, and both directions can be arbitrarily ± 360 °. The welding positioner has the advantages of good openness and easy operation.

(4) C-shaped double-rotation C-shaped double-rotation welding positioner is the same as L-shaped double-rotation welding positioner, but the tooling fixture of the welding positioner is slightly changed according to the shape of the structural part. This type of welding positioner is suitable for welding structural parts such as loaders and buckets of excavators.

2.Selection principle of positioner

Light welding postioner selection principle has the following three points: one is the principle of workpiece application, the other is the principle of convenient welding, and the third is the principle of easy operation.

(1) Workpiece application principles The shapes of different structural parts of construction machinery are very different, and the displacement requirements during welding are also different. Therefore, an appropriate welding positioner should be selected according to the structural characteristics and welding requirements of the welding structural parts.

(2) Convenient welding principle According to the manual welding operation status, the selected welding positioner should be able to transfer any one of the welded workpieces to the flat welding or ship welding position, so as to avoid vertical welding and overhead welding and ensure welding quality. .

(3) Principle of easy operation Welding positioner should be safe, reliable, open, low operating height, compact structure, so that workers can operate and place the welding positioner. If the welding operation height of the welding structure positioner is high, workers can perform welding by means of heightening, and can also adjust the height position by installing a hydraulic lifting platform.

 L-type positioner

 L-type positioner

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