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The plastic chemical composition of the sliding guide is stable

The plastic chemical composition of the sliding guide is stable

H-Beams face milling machine manufacturer shares that edge milling machine adopts the form of slide guide commonly used on heavy machine tools, with large contact area, good rigidity and strong earthquake resistance. In order to reduce the friction and drag of guide rail, the unloading device of large drag plate is added. A load-bearing rolling cylinder is installed between the guide rail and the large drag plate. The rolling cylinder bears most of the gravity of the large drag plate. In this way, the friction resistance of the guide rail is changed from simple sliding friction to sliding and rolling, the friction coefficient is greatly reduced, and the friction is also greatly reduced. Corresponding to improve the service life of the guide rail. In order to improve the wear resistance and friction characteristics of the guide rail pair, the corresponding friction pair is plastered. Commonly known as plastic guide. The plastic chemical composition is stable and the friction coefficient is small.

H-Beams face milling machine manufacturer

The key components of main drive guide for edge milling machine, in actual use, if maintain undeserved, leading rail is easy to wear and galling, edge milling machine guide rail general guide for castings, the surface of the high frequency quenching hardness about HRC45, Lord weighs about 3 to 4 tons of traveling mechanism, long-term overloaded walking on guide rail, guide rail is up and down sliding friction, the friction resistance is big, the damage to the guide rail is great, prone to guide rail and the phenomenon of abnormal wear. In copper, iron prices rose at the same time, the price of electronic devices gradually reduced, which makes the cost advantage of inverter edge milling machine prominent. In order to pursue market share, most of the enterprises compete with each other, compete at low prices, and even sell at negative profits, which will seriously endanger the healthy development of China's welding equipment industry. How to deal with the relationship between cost, profit and market share is a common problem facing the whole welding equipment industry.

Milling machine factory in the welding process research and accumulation work is very limited, it is difficult to provide mature and reliable welding process support, resulting in domestic products in addition to the price and import products do not have a competitive advantage, most of the high-end market share is still occupied by imported edge milling machine. Because of the lack and disconnection of intelligence and welding process service, most of the welding equipment in our country are pure machines and equipment, and do not shoulder the responsibility of solving welding problems for welding users. Including stand, on both sides of the plate, bar, tool post, on the stand is equipped with worktable, at the bottom of the beam connection has several hydraulic clamp device, hydraulic clamp device located above the workbench, it also has a rest walking trolley, tool post is located in the tool post car to walk, the front frame is equipped with parallel to the countertop and length is guide, head to walk the car and base through the guide rail connection.

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