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Factors To Consider For Choosing Welding Positioner

Factors To Consider For Choosing Welding Positioner
Welding positioner primarily for welding procedure can obtain good welding result, so it has a large range of applications. How to select a welding positioner correctly?
1, to remove the manual welding procedure, the welding positioner can be any of a weld to the level or ship welding placement, consequently avoiding welding of vertical upward welding sensation. And then to ensure the high quality of welding.
2, the welding structure of the framework features, pick the ideal welding positioner.
3, for the welding positioner, the framework ought to be portable, open, and also easy to run.

The welding positioner is primarily used to remedy the placement of the weldment so that it can get to the needed welding accuracy.
Welding positioner is a vital welding machine in producing industry, primarily in the equipment industry, and it is extensively used.
The welding positioner generally understands the welding equipment of girth welding. It can be incorporated with argon arc welding machine, MIG welding machine and plasma welding device, etc. some welding power supply and also other maker comprise automated welding system.
The welding positioner is primarily composed of a rotating head, a positioner as well as a controller. The inclination angle can be adjusted immediately according to the welding item, as well as the welding gun can also be pneumatically moved up and also down.
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Welding Positioner

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