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Do You Know The Welding Positioner?

In China, the welding positioner has also quietly become an indispensable equipment in the manufacturing industry, and it is classified as a welding auxiliary machine in the welding field. In recent years, this product has made great progress in China's construction machinery industry and has been widely used. As far as type series and varieties and specifications are concerned, about ten series and more than a hundred varieties and specifications have come out, and an industry is being formed.

In people's eyes, the welding positioner may be considered a trivial product. However, internationally, there are more than a hundred series including products with various functions. Technically there are ordinary types; there is no gap drive servo control type; the rated load range of the product reaches 0.1kN ~ 18000 kN. It can be said that the welding positioner is a product with many varieties, high technical level and complete development of small, medium and large.

Generally speaking, manufacturers that produce welding manipulators, roller frames, welding systems, and other welding equipment. Generally speaking, manufacturers that produce welding manipulators, roller frames, welding systems, and other welding equipment mostly produce welding positioners. Most manufacturers of welding robots produce auto welding positioners that are equipped with robots. However, it is very rare for a company to focus on welding positioners. Most of them produce welding positioners; most manufacturers of welding robots produce auto welding positioners for robots. However, it is very rare for a company to focus on welding positioners.

Welding Positioner

Welding Positioner

The auto welding positioner manufacturer introduces its main uses: Welding positioner is a general-purpose and efficient welding equipment mainly used to realize circular seam welding. It can be equipped with argon arc welding machine (filled or unfilled), melting electrode gas shielded welding machine (C02 / MAG / MIG welding machine), plasma welding machine and other welding machine power supply and can form an automatic welding system with other machines. The product is mainly composed of a rotary head, a displacement mechanism and a controller. The speed of the rotary machine head is adjustable, and it has an independent speed regulation circuit. The dial switch directly presets the length of the weld. The tilt angle can be adjusted as required. The welding torch can be lifted pneumatically.

With performance

(1) China welding positioner and welding machine positioner need to have a wide range of speed adjustment, welding speed and good structural rigidity.

(2) Welding parts with different sizes and shapes must have certain applicability.

(3) In the transmission chain, there should be a first-level anti-stroke self-locking transmission, so as to avoid accidents due to gravity when the power source is suddenly cut off.

(4) Weldment displacement machinery used in conjunction with welding robots and precision welding operations, depending on the size and process of the weldment, its in-place accuracy (point control) and running path accuracy (contour control) should be controlled at 0.1- Between 2mm, the highest accuracy should be 0.01mm.

(5) The return speed should be fast, but avoid the impact and vibration.

(6) Have good power, water, and air facilities, as well as thermal and ventilation performance.

(7) The entire structure must have good airtightness. In order to avoid the damage of welding spatters, the welding slag, coatings and so on scattered on it. Should be easily removed.

(8) Welding and displacement machinery must have a linkage control interface and corresponding self-protection functions for centralized control and coordinated action.

(9) The work surface should be engraved with a mounting baseline, and various positioning workpieces and clamping mechanisms should be installed.

(10) It is also used for the impact resistance of the welding displacement mechanism for assembly. It is also equipped with a mounting slot, which can conveniently have high strength and impact resistance according to its work surface.

(11) Weldment displacement machinery used in electron beam welding, plasma arc welding, laser welding and brazing should meet special requirements in terms of conductivity, magnetic isolation, insulation, etc.

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