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Rollers Have Made The Industry Advance By Leaps And Bounds

Rollers Have Made The Industry Advance By Leaps And Bounds

Adjustable Welding Rotator Manufacturer shares that roller rack has become human ‌ ‌ an indispensable part of daily life, roller frame as an important part of welding equipment, with the development of market economy, also realizes the industry by leaps and bounds, at the same time also led to the development of welding equipment. But the roller rack user must make the correct choice according to own need, cannot use blindly. In recent years, welding equipment has made considerable development, but in the process of development, some businesses in order to maximize profits, resulting in a low level of products into the market, the formation of malicious competition, disrupted the normal order of the development of rollers. Therefore, the development of welding roller rack industry, at the same time, the high level of innovative products urgently need to be developed and used.

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Every domestic wheel rack manufacturer with nearly 10 years of engineering machinery manufacturing industry, shipbuilding industry, heavy machinery and equipment, the development of bridge steel structure industry such as roller frame machinery development of spring, by the previous 2000 sets of domestic capacity and sales capacity, up to the size of 30000 units a year by the previous industry total output value development to the current annual production nearly $8 billions level, industry, do big cake, but a growing number of roller frame production enterprises found that enterprise production in big quantity, but no growth profit depends on how much. And enterprise development prospect is not very clear, had met a lot of problems, organize summarized specific problem analysis is as follows: plant and equipment investment grows, mainly on the roller frame of manufacturing equipment, such as roller machine, welding equipment and automatic welding equipment, lead screw transmission mechanism, the CNC equipment operation, pneumatic clamp body, steel structures, such as costs are increasing year by year.

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