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What are The Classifications of Automatic Welding Equipment?

With the development of digital, automation, computer, mechanical design technology, and the importance of welding quality, automatic welding has developed into an advanced manufacturing technology, and the role of Automatic Welding machine from the Automatic Welding Equipment Factory in various industrial applications is increasingly Large, the scope of application is rapidly expanding.

According to the degree of automation, automated welding equipment can be divided into the following three categories:

Automatic Welding Equipment Factory

1. Rigid automated welding equipment Rigid automatic welding equipment can also be called primary automatic welding equipment, most of which are designed according to the principle of open loop control. Although the entire welding process is automatically completed by the welding equipment, the feedback of the welding parameters during the welding process cannot be closed-loop feedback system, and the possible deviations cannot be randomly corrected.

2. Adaptive control automatic welding equipment

The adaptively controlled welding equipment is a highly automated welding equipment, which is equipped with sensors and electronic detection lines, automatically guides and tracks the weld trajectory, and implements closed-loop feedback control of the main welding parameters. The entire welding process will be completed automatically according to preset procedures and process parameters.

3. Intelligent automatic welding equipment

It utilizes a variety of advanced sensing components such as vision sensors, tactile sensors, auditory sensors and laser scanners, and with computer software systems, databases and expert systems with identification, judgment, real-time detection, calculation, automatic programming, welding parameters The ability to store and automatically generate weld log files.

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