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What Kinds of Welding Positioners Are Commonly Used?

The basic forms of commonly used welding positioners are reach arm type, tilt-turn type and double-column single-turn type, Or some other small category, such as Light Welding Postioner.

(1) Double-column single-rotation The main feature of this type of welding positioner is that the motor-driven working device at one end of the column runs in one direction of rotation and the other end is driven with the active end.

(2) Two-seat head-to-tail double-rotating two-seat head-to-tail double-slewing welding positioner is the movable space of the welded structural part, and adds a rotation degree of freedom on the basis of the double-column single-rotation welding positioner. .

(3) L-shaped double-rotation type The working position of this type of welding positioner is L-shaped, with two degrees of freedom of rotation, and both directions can be arbitrarily rotated by ±360°. The advantage of this welding positioner is that it is open and easy to operate.

(4) C-shaped double-rotation C-shaped double-slewing welding positioner is the same as the L-shaped double-slewing welding positioner, except that the fixture of the welding positioner is slightly changed according to the shape of the structural member.

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Light Welding Postioner

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