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Do You Understand the Straightening Process of The Straightener?

The straightening process of the straightening machine such as H-Beam Flange Straightening Machine is: the position of the roller is at an angle to the direction of movement of the straightened product, and two or three large are active pressure rollers, which are rotated in the same direction by the motor belt, and several small on the other side. The rollers are driven pressure rollers that are rotated by the rotating rod or tube friction. In order to achieve the required compression of the rolls to the article, the small rolls can be adjusted either forward or backward, either simultaneously or separately. Generally, the greater the number of rolls, the higher the accuracy of the finished product after straightening. After the product is bitten by the roller, it is continuously linear or rotationally moved, so that the product is subjected to various compression, bending, crushing and the like, and finally the straightening is achieved.

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H-Beam Flange Straightening Machine

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