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Equipment To Increase Speed Of Welding and Lower Material Handling

Welding positioner with pipe standsEvery minute your welder is not welding, you are losing profit. Material handling is a large uncharted expense that is sometimes overlooked and needs to revisited, in order to obtain efficiencies in this area.  Welding out of position instead of in the flat position can cost time and money, and requires a specialized skill-set.  If the majority of your welds can be done in an improved position, why not invest in the equipment that will help this area?  The horizontal or flat joint of weld is the easiest weld to complete, with less weld repair and maximum weld speed, which provides the most productive results.  Our high quality welding positioner equipment was designed for just this purpose.   A Rotating Type Welding Positioner rental investment to do complete time-trials, can make a big impact on your production efficiency, which could justify equipment purchases. This is a very low risk option, which will minimize the capital investment until the process is proven.

Welding Positioner

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