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Growing Line System have superior fit-up capabilities including powered elevation, side shift, track drive features, and indexing features which allow the operator to efficiently and safely line up and "grow" heavy vessel sections during fit up.  

Wind Tower Production Line allows for the assembly of cans while minimizing the use of cranes, making it ideal for wind towers, tank or vessel manufacturing applications where numerous sections are being joined.

Enables operator to assemble and relocate a vessel or tower which may be heavier than the lift capacity of overhead cranes.

Pipe Assembly Fit Up Station allows for "growing" of the fabricated vessel away from the welding system; this is more efficient because the column and boom welding manipulator can remain in the same location for maximum productivity during welding.

Eliminates the need for wedges and inefficient/potentially unsafe manual jacking systems to align the cans.

Pipe Assembly Fit Up Station

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