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The components in the welding positioner generally have a fixing pin, a bolt, a gear iron, a V-shaped block, and a positioning block which is determined according to the shape of the weldment.

1. Because the welding fixture is used at a very high frequency, the positioning component should have sufficient rigidity and hardness to ensure the accuracy of the replacement trimming period.

2. In order to facilitate the adjustment and replacement of the primary positioning components and the flexible function of the fixture, the positioning organization should be able to plan as a combination of adjustable. The positioning member A-1 is determined by the shape of the product, so that the replacement of the A-1 can achieve the requirements of the trimming fixture and the customary vehicle.

3. Standardized planning. Support A-2, can be planned into a mixed, universal series of components. Due to the large difference in car layout, especially heavy, medium, light, and mini-cars, the standard of welding fixtures for designated cars should be used according to the model, so as to get used to the needs of different models.

The Self-Alignment Welding Turning-Roll is mainly composed of three parts: the actuator, the drive mechanism and the control system. The steering roller is a component for steering the workpiece,and has various structural forms such as a grip type, a holding type, and an adsorption type depending on the shape, size, weight, material, and operation requirements of the object to be grasped. The moving mechanism enables the hand to perform various rotating, moving or compounding movements to achieve the prescribed action, changing the position and posture of the grasped object.

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Self-Alignment Welding Turning-Roll


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