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Hydraulic Oositioner Advantages

From tank Adjustable Turning Rolls into cross-beam welding manipulators, we could assist you to place your weld in the perfect place the first time.

Together with regular fixed height twist table china welding positioner, we have flexible height positioners which may bring up your weld to your welding gear. Like hydraulic positioner, these flexible positioners can pivot the angle of the desk, but also offers a hydraulic cylinder for altering the altitude of the table .

Our hydraulic elevating positioner are outfitted with a ring control in addition to a foot pedal. Forward and rear rotation of this table is controlled by either the ring or the pedal. The pendant control can also adjust the rate of rotation (driven by an inverter to a AC motor), the altitude along with the tip.

The hydraulics are situated in the rear of the unitout of the way of the work bit, preventing damage by falling debris.

hydraulic positioner

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