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Development Of Welding Positioner

The welding positioner is a device for dragging a workpiece to be welded so that the welding seam to be welded moves to an ideal position for welding operation.

In China, the welding positioner has quietly become an indispensable equipment for the manufacturing industry. It is classified as a welding auxiliary machine in the field of welding. In recent years, this product has made great progress in China's construction machinery industry and has been widely used.

In the eyes of people, it may be considered that the welding positioner is a trivial product. However, in the international community, there are more than 100 series including products with various functions. It can be said that the welding positioner is a product with multiple varieties, low technical level, and small, medium and large development.

In general, most manufacturers of welding manipulators, roller carriers, welding systems, and other welding equipment manufacture welding positioners, known as welding positioner manufacturer; manufacturers of welding robots mostly produce robotized welding positioners. However, companies that use welding positioners as their leading products are rare.

Welding Positioner

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