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Beam Face Milling Machine Device Has a Variety Of Different Forms Of Structure

The structure of the three-legged centrifuge suspension support device of beam face milling machine should fully ensure that the body has a large swing in the horizontal direction, forming a flexible system, the natural frequency of the system should be much lower than the rotation frequency of the rigid spindle to reduce uneven load bearing the impact. The horizontal swing of the drum can make the material with fluidity more evenly distributed in the drum, improve the running ability of the machine, and reduce the vibration of the machine when the machine is running.

Suspension support devices come in many different configurations. The old-fashioned three-foot centrifuge for dewatering textiles was suspended from three pillars of several seats with three metal links, called chain suspension. Its simple structure, good system flexibility, and automatic centering, but poor adjustability, can not adapt to a variety of different shock absorption requirements, and now it is very good.

Beam Face Milling Machine

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