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Technical Details Of The Welding Roller Carriage

Welding rolls of China can be said to be used in many parts of today's machinery industry, and roller frames are now widely seen, like self-alignment welding turning-roll. This is mainly because it does a good job in terms of technical details and handling. This shows the role of the welding roller frame in the welding equipment industry in China. The outside world can see the developed level of China's industry.

Now OLIVTE Machinery Equipment's welding roll frame adopts the same overall welding head as foreign ones, and the independent research and development has also made the overall welding head price change from a disadvantage to an advantage. Besides, the straight line design is a straight stripe design. The wear in the welding process has little effect on the gap at the bottom. This has the advantage of avoiding the disadvantages of easy webbing of the web. Afterwards, in terms of component structure, as in the developed countries, the fixing methods are almost the same; The details can be created to catch up with foreign brands.

Self-Alignment Welding Turning-Roll

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