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Welding Roller Frame Operation And Use

After the normal installation of the self-alignment welding turning-roll frame, the power-on operation can be performed.

1. When the China welding roll frame starts running, there should be no abnormal noise and vibration phenomenon. If any, it must be eliminated first. After the workpiece is hung on the roller frame, whether the position of the workpiece is appropriate is observed first? Is the workpiece close to the roller? Is there any foreign matter that prevents the rotation? When everything is normal, it can be officially run.

2. Before starting the motor, carefully calibrate the wiring once. After confirming that the wiring is correct, close the power switch and start the motor. After checking that the rotation direction is consistent with the required direction, turn on the speed control switch and turn the speed control knob from small to large. Required speed. The remote control box on the control box is used to remotely operate the roller carriage to realize the forward rotation, reverse rotation and stop of the roller.

Self-alignment Welding Turning-Roll

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