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Welding Turning Roller Frame Composition Knowledge

The welding turning roller frame is a welding auxiliary device, in particular a welding roller frame, and is often used for welding inner and outer circular seams and inner and outer longitudinal seams of cylindrical workpieces.

It includes the base, the active roller, the driven roller, the bracket, the transmission device, the power device driver and other components. The driving device drives the driving roller, uses the friction between the driving roller and the cylinder workpiece to drive the workpiece to rotate to realize the displacement, and can realize horizontal welding of the inner and outer circular seams of the workpiece and the inner and outer longitudinal seams. The automatic welding equipment can realize automatic welding. It can greatly improve the quality of welds, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. The welding turning roller frame can also be used for manual welding or as a device for detecting and assembling cylindrical workpieces.

Welding Turning Roller

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