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Maintenance of Welding Rotator

1.  This welding rotator needs cleaning before putting into use. And to avoid aging, the rubber rollers should stay away from oils and high temperature. If possible, there should be a specific person to operate and maintain this device. 

2.  Before starting, the speed reducer should be full of 30# engine oil, which is also necessary when the environment temperature is below 0℃. 

3.  The oil inside the speed reducer should be completely replaced after the use of first month, and later, the engine oil can be changed every six months. 

4.  The roller bed can not be used as the welding ground so that bearings can be prevented from damaging.

Painting rotator and blasting rotator are widely used for turning and positioning vessel or tanks in the sections of chemical engineering, container building, petrochemical and pipeline construction. So maintenance are very necessary.

Painting Rotator

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