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Process requirements of welding postioner

1) When the formal weldment requires preheating, the welding of the welding postioner should also be preheated, and the temperature range should be the same as the formal welding temperature range.

(2) The current of welding postioneris 10% -15% higher than normal welding current.

(3) Welding postioner shall be smooth at the beginning and at the end, and the height of the weld shall not exceed two thirds of the design weld,the smaller,the better.

(4) Weldments with a carbon content of more than 25% or a thickness of more than 16 mm shall be welded as soon as possible after welding at a low temperature. Otherwise, a post-heating slow cooling shall be taken.

(5) large thickness workpiece welding postioner,the length of the welding postioneris 15-25mm, 100-250mm weld seam welding postioner on the groove, weld height does not exceed two-thirds of weldment thickness.

(6)If there is a defect in the welding postioner, it should be completely removed and should not be melted in the formal weld.

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welding postioner

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