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Different welding methods of Welding Positioner and official weld

Welding Positioner is an indispensable preparation for formal welding. Welding Positioner is generally used spot welding, or no more than one centimeter to sing the segment welding, and the formal welding must be used to weld.

In addition, according to the welding process, if it is argon welding, Welding Positioner is the use of the most inner welding method of spot welding, and formal welding is based on the process, the arc welding bottom, welding cover.

If it is automatic welding, Welding Positioner can only be welding, and formal welding is automatic welding.

Generally small welds as long as the welding two points, and large cylindrical welding parts, the need for positioning welding is very much.

I will usually share some knowledge about Welding Rotator,L-type Positioner and so on. Welcome those people who are interested in it to follow me.Let's discuss it together.

Welding Positioner

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