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What the main features do welding rotators have?

In the manufacture of large steam turbines, the welding rotator of the welded structure has the advantage that other structures do not have:

① flexible design, compact structure, the use of smaller forging, which make it easy to forge and guarantee the inherent quality;

② internal cavity can be formed, reducing the weight of the rotator, thinning the wall thickness, so that the rotator temperature difference between the inside and outside to reduce the rotator thermal stress, but also improve the critical speed;

③ As the rotator from a number of roulette made of welding, each section of the wheel can be a perfect heat treatment, easy to check the cross-section inspection and are also easy to repair and replacement when found defects;

④ can avoid the deformation of whole rotator forging caused by ingot composition, organization and performance of the uneven that effected by temperature;

⑤ different parts of the rotator can be used to meet different parts of the different parts of the material performance requirements, the rational use of alloy materials;

⑥ the use of welding rotator can solve the problem of high quality forgings forging;

⑦ high-power unit steam turbine, such as the use of welding rotator is more suitable for peak shifting unit

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