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Features of light duty welding postioner

Light duty welding Postioner is mainly used for rotating and turning of circular and annular workpieces, so that the welding seam of the workpiece is placed in the best position, such as the horizontal and the shape of the ship, so as to be applied for welding.

1, the operation is stable and reliable, the welding speed is stepless adjustable, and the speed range is large, the adjustment accuracy is high.

2, the welding torch adjustable bracket and Pneumatic Tailstock can be configured to realize the fixed welding torch position and the automatic clamping function of the workpiece.

3, equipped with welding chuck, convenient clamping and strong applicability.

We can also supply the Welding turning-roll, Welding Manipulator etc. If you need, welcome to contact us.

Light duty welding Postioner

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