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The history of welding rotator

In 1926, the original Swiss company BBC began is devoted to develop turbine welding rotator technology,it manufactured the world's first turbine welding rotator successfully in 1930,which has more than 80 years of history. European steam turbine manufacturers often use welding rotator in conventional steam turbines.

In addition,due to nuclear power plant half-speed turbine rotor volume and weight are large,the quality of rotator is 150 tons or more, the whole forging rough procurement is difficult,only a few foreign manufacturers can produce it,and it costs a lot.Therefore,some foreign nuclear power turbines also use welding rotator.

In addition,we can also suppply Welding PositionerPlasma welding center. If you are interested in our produucts,welcome to consult us.

Welding Rotator

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