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Technical requirements for welding rotator

Welding rotator is a kind of welding auxiliary equipment. It is often used in the welding of inner and outer ring seam and inside and outside longitudinal seam of cylinder workpieces. Welding rotator can greatly improve the quality of welding seam, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

1, the welding roller frame can automatically adjust the swing angle of the wheel set according to the diameter of the workpiece, and can automatically adjust the center of the wheel. When the welding machine and the welding power supply are matched, the inner and outer longitudinal seam and the inner and outer ring seam welding of the workpiece can be realized.

2, low transmission noise, smooth workpiece rotation, can achieve cylindrical cylinder welding, polishing, lining and assembly process operations, rolling wheel speed should be smooth, uniform. Crawling is not allowed.

3, the height of the main and driven rollers can be adjusted properly, and the assembly and welding of the conical, segmented and unequal diameter revolving bodies can also be carried out.

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Welding rotator

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