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The main application of welding rotator

Welding rotator relates to a roller frame which is mainly driven by the friction force between the welding part and the active roller, and the device is driven by a cylindrical or a conical welding piece.

Welding rotator is also the need and automatic welding machine, or welding equipment for the use of the class.

The adjustable Welding rotator can be divided into three types: manual bolt displacement, manual screw rod adjustable and electric slide. Through adjusting the center distance of the roller, it can adapt to the welding of the cylinder. It is mainly suitable for polishing, lining, assembling, welding, etc. of the cylindrical cylinder body.

Adjustable Welding rotator is used to adjust the screw rod, as well as the regulation of the sub files. The main choice is the AC inverter control mode, the line on the speed of the display as the number, not only advanced technology is also very reliable.

We can also supply the high quality auto welding positioner, welding manipulator etc. If you want to know more, welcome to contact us.

Welding rotator

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