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The routine maintenance of H-beam production line straightening machine is the "event"

In industrial development, it is very widely used in H-beam production line of industry. H-beam production line equipment maintenance in daily production work must be heeded. Routine maintenance of equipment to ensure safety of life and property, cost savings, rational use of equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, which can reach its maximum lifetime. Ensure the smooth progress to the device-dependent life, work and so on. OLIVET is the production of H-beam production line manufacturer, will introduce the next routine maintenance items H beam straightening machine production line equipment.

H-beam production line

H-beam production line

Next, I tell you about the daily maintenance items H beam production line straightening devices are machines

1. Check whether the loosening fasteners, fastening and timely.

2. Check the transmission parts for jamming, and timely maintenance.

3. Exposed moving parts add oil before or after classes daily.

4. Overhaul once every quarter correction rollers, if was found in bearing damage should be replaced, and lubrication.

5. Gear oil change once for six months.

6. Check the electrical part of any abnormal noise, smell, fever. If abnormal, should immediately cut off the power, and the reference to the following Table 3 troubleshooting methods to find fault and remove the content, in order to avoid failure to expand.

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