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Selection principles of welding positioner

If you want to buy some welding positioning machine, you must know selection of welding positioner . Only carefully selected for our chance to be even greater,Select welding positioner is mainly based on the three principles.

The first is the application of the principle of the workpiece, a large difference in appearance between the different structures of mechanical engineering, welding displacement demands are different, and therefore should be based on the structural characteristics and welding requirements of the workpiece, select the appropriate welding positioner. Weight of weldment and weldments in the center of gravity away from the work table, eccentricity should be within the range of variable-bit machine data load diagram or bearer form, and there is a certain capacity.

Then it is to facilitate the welding, when welding positioner is used for welding girth weld should be based on the rotation of the weldment groove tannins and welding speed conversion of the rotary table speed which should speed positioner adjustment range. Also, pay attention to the smooth functioning of the workbench is able to meet process requirements. If the outer welding positioner weldment profile size is large, you need to consider when you tilt table, tilt angle so that the weldment meets the requirements of the best in the welding position; in this tilt angles whether there will be contact with the ground weldments phenomenon, if there is this phenomenon, so in addition to the choice of a larger ground clearance table positioner, it can also be used to increase the height or a way to set the foundation pit to solve.

The last principle is easy to operate, you should choose safe, reliable, open and good, high and low operation, compact welding positioner to facilitate workers to operate and welding positioner display. If the welded structure welding positioner operating height is higher, workers can be welded by booster way, it can also be equipped with a hydraulic lift height position adjustment.

Want to know more than the principle of welding positioner, it is reference for you to select better welding positioner . If you want learn more welding positioner, focusing Olivet is a good choice.

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