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How To Solve The Problems Of Welding Rotator?

We all have a certain understanding of the welding rotator, but when it comes to the welding rotator movement, we do not understand it well. Let's take a look at the main reasons why the welding rotator movement appears.

Sometimes the welding rotator will appear axial movement, it shows that the welding itself there is a spiral related movement, that is the first rotation of the welding rotator design will be converted to the right side of the rotation work, and vice verse, until the welding spiral operation no longer occurs.

The jack-up structure can effectively perform the above conversion. The main purpose of this structure is to effectively move the roller up and down so that the weldment will undergo an axial change in its own weight. In practice, the main purpose of the shift is to displace the welding rotator along the centerline. The translation is actually a vertical horizontal line movement along the axis of the weldment.

Therefore, the welding rotator does not have to be afraid of normal, and it is easy to understand how it works. However, the welding rotator manufacturer can produce a higher quality welding rotator to alleviate this problem.

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